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Takes you to the Secrets of Nature.

… If you love to observe wild animals.
… If you love to take photos or videos from unbelievable situations in the nature.
… If you love to be in the wilderness.

Then join us and have the adventure of a life time!

… Discover with us some of the last Black Rhinos in Kenya, hunting Orcas in Patagonia, the migration of blue whales at the Azores and mating Marine Iguanas at Galapagos Islands.
… Swim with wild dolphins at Pico Island.
… Climb Mount Kenya, Africa’s second biggest mountain.
… Meet Rockhopper Penguins at Penguin Island.
… Take pictures of the Gelada baboons in Ethiopia.
… Follow the wake of Moby Dick in the Mid Atlantic.

The excursions of WOW take you to some of the best spots in the world with extraordinary observations.

Come and discover well-kept secrets of nature with us!


Rhino Watch Safari Lodge

The Rhino Watch Safari Lodge is situated in the central Kenyan highlands and offers a beautiful view of Mount Kenya. Surrounded by three wildlife preserves the lodge provides an ideal base for safari game drives and excursions. It is our wish to offer sustainable tourism which shows the beauty of the animals and the landscape, includes the local community and protects the animals and their habitat.

Our safaris take you into private game reserves that are rich in game but are not visited by mass tourism. We would like to offer you a personal safari adventure without meeting motorcades in overcrowded parks. With us you observe the “Big Five” (buffalo, lion, rhino, leopard and elephant) and other African wildlife in their natural habitat, enjoy magnificent scenery and meet friendly people.

Warm hospitality and a friendly atmosphere await you here. The lodge is an oasis of peace and relaxation – a perfect place to get away from daily routine. We offer lovingly designed rooms in different categories and are specialised in dealing with nature and wildlife enthusiasts, families but also professional photographers and film crews. Read More…


The Azores

Whale watching, swimming with wild dolphins, diving with sharks and Mobulas.

The islands of the Azores are shaped by the peaks of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, surrounded by the endless deep blue.

The archipelago forms a meeting place for rich marine life. Deep-sea currents transport nutrient-rich water from the depth. Microbes thrive and the food pyramid explodes. Therefore, whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, Mobulas and pelagic fish are abundant in these waters.

The Azores are well-known for whale and dolphin watching for many years, but the islands have only recently been discovered for excellent diving and encounters with sharks. Visibility of 50 metres, close encounters with blue sharks in groups of often more than 15 animals, mako sharks that inquisitively check out the divers or Mobulas up close gathering around deep-sea mounts in large groups…

You can be assured that this is definitely a special experience for every diver! Read More…



Wildlife Expeditions Since 1993

You are a wildlife photographer? You would like to sit in the famous Punta Norte attack channel next to one of the best wildlife photographers of the world such as Brian Skerry from National Geographic? Or next to film teams such as the British Broadcasting Corporation? Then travel with Patagonia Project!

Patagonia Project offers nature and wildlife expeditions observing whales, dolphins, sea lions, penguins and plenty of other wildlife in Argentina´s Patagonia.

We have been travelling to Patagonia since 1993 where we discovered many remote wildlife colonies and breath taking landscapes at the end of the world. All this beauty has inspired us to expand our program in order to give more people the opportunity to visit this wonderful piece of paradise.

We offer tours that are specifically designed for photographers but also students, nature and wildlife enthusiasts as well as for families. You will definitely have the adventure of a lifetime with us. Read More…



Darwin Expedition

Darwin Galapagos Expeditions is specialized in intensive nature observations for nature lovers, photographers, TV and film crews.

Usually the Galapagos Islands are discovered during a cruise through the archipelago. Consequently, visitors are only able to spend a limited amount of time on each island due to strict National Park regulations of the Ecuadorian Park Authority.

As it is our philosophy to spend as much time as possible with the animals in their natural habitat, our packages are designed to meet the specific requirements and expectations of our ambitious clients.

Some of the islands are accessible only by registered boats. Therefore, these tours are also subject to the imposed time limitation of the Ecuadorian Park Authority. But these trips are only a small part of the program. At other places those rules can be overridden which allows us to spend unlimited time on the object of interest. Read More…

Wildlife Observation Worldwide - Galapagos

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The Classic Routes

Follow us to the Simien mountains and meet Gelada Baboons in breath taking landscapes. Observe some of the last Lammergeier, Walia Ibex and Hamdryas baboons in the wild. Get as close as possible to the animals and enjoy a fantastic photography safari.

Or explore Ethiopia by air in seven days! Fly from Addis Abeba to Bahir Dar to Gondar to Lalibela to Axum and from there back to Addis Abeba. Explore the unique cultural sites and the fantastic landscape of the hidden treasure of Africa.

Get to know Ethiopia’s diverse people and national parks in ten days! Drive from Addis Abeba to Arbaminch to Nechisar National Park to Jinka to Mago Park to Turmi to Dimeka to Yabello to Langano and back to Addis Abeba. Explore the magic of Southern Ethiopia and meet tribes such as Wolaita, Tsemai, and Dasenech. Read More…

Wildlife Observation Worldwide - Ethiopia

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Orcas and humpback whales in the northern lights

Much further north than the known and common places for orca observation, there is a meeting point of orcas and humpback whales. There, at about 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle we have an ideal location for whale watching. Large schools of herrings enter the fjords where orcas, humpback whales, other whales and sea eagles follow them. This is a particularly special spectacle for photographers because at this time of the year the northern lights make a fantastic setting. Sensational news is the possibility to snorkel and dive with orcas and humpback whales. On stormy days when boat tours are not possible you depart for safaris onshore to take pictures of breath taking landscapes, birds and mammals. Read More…


Extra Tours

Special Trips

Wildlife Observations Worldwide has been organising tours since more than 20 years all around the world. During these decades many people joined our excursions and some of them even visited us everywhere, where we were operating. Many of our guests asked us to organise specific photo and wildlife trips to particular places. And so we did:

– To the rainforest of Costa Rica.
– To the humpback whales of the Dominican Republic.
– To the Andes and Torres del Paine in Chile.
– To the Maya culture in Belize.
– To wildlife and Maya culture in Guatemala.
– To the bowhead whales and beluga whales in the high Arctic.
– To Australia’s outback.
– To the Panama Canal and Pearl Island in Panama.
– To whale sharks and tortoises at Aldabra at the Seychelles.
– To the crab migration at Christmas Island.

Read More about currently planned trips…



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Orca Alarm at Pico Island.
Yesterday was one of theese days. The Vigia called out for an Orca sighting in the South of Faial Island. In a moment like this we stop our work and head to the boats to meet this great animals. We saw a goup of at leat 22 animals. In the group was 1 adult mail with the typical sword. We also saw 1 juvenile animals not older than 4 weeks. The rest of the group with females, mabye some subadults mail and yougnsters. Thge animals were massive. One of that group that travels the entire nortern atlantic. We are in touch with the High Arctic Orca Survey and shared our pictures for ID reasons . We hope that we have some matches from the Nanuvet group. Some years ago we followed a group of Orca that was taged with a satelite tag in Nanuvet travelling straight to the Azores. We lost the signal 100 miles north of Flores. Since that time we suspected the Northern Orca to travel south until the Azores to meet the Tuna migration and follow them until the Canadian east coast ( back home maybe ). Thrilling stories and we hope to get some results soon. Fotos copyright Frank Wirth, Pico Sport Lda, Azores
Orca Research Trust, Orca Network, Orca Conservancy, Nuno Sá
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