• Photo tour to Malaysia and Indonesia

    Accompany us to a 15-day-journey through the pristine nature of Malaysia and Indonesia off the beaten track. Observe orangutans, proboscis monkeys and sun bears in the tropical rainforest of Borneo. Discover the breath-taking aquatic realm at the shores of the island Flores and take formidable pictures of Komodo dragons at Rinca, the neighbour island of Komodo.

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  • Das grosse Falkland Natur und Foto Camp

    Join us on a unique journey to the almost uninhabited Falkland Islands. In the middle of penguin colonies and breeding grounds of albatrosses, you can take photographs completely undisturbed as long as you like. Thanks to the seclusion of the places, there are no time limits for taking pictures.

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  • Puma photo safari

    Under Construction….

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